Welcome to PcWinTech.com

What is PcWinTech.com?

Here you will find programs, all created and coded by me, that help with all kinds of different aspects of your computer. From port forwarding, testing ports, network monitors, system monitors, iPad & iPhone games, and many many more.
I have also added my personal toolbox, which is a bunch of small tools to get a job done. I have also started expanding my Tweaks and How-To's section.

This site also has a large section for routers. Such as screen shots & guides.
I have also hired a few helpers to help with the thousands of guides and screen shot pages for all the routers I have built up. More and more pages are added daily.
As you can tell by the site and programs I take a lot of pride in my work and will do the best I can to help you. If you need anything simply post a question in the forum and I will help you out.
I hope you enjoy the site and my tools. All I ever ask in return for my help or if you like my site & tools, is to simply lets others know about this site.

When people ask "Why fix what isn't broken?" I reply "To make it better."
"Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile"

Take care!



(Please Note: If your anti virus says it found a virus of any kind please know this is a false alarm. You can use www.virustotal.com to also see what other antivirus software says.
There are no viruses in any of the programs on this site. If your anti virus says it has one please submit the file in question to your anti virus maker, they will then scan the file themselves, see the program or setup is clean and update there virus def's to not cause the false alarm.)

If your router is not listed on this site or in the programs I can add them!
By adding your router I can create all the guides, screenshot databases and have your router work in my programs.
All you need to do is use my easy to use router screen capture program. This will make getting me the data easy and simple.
For more info click here.
Router Screen Capture