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This site started out as a site to put my work and know how on the web to help others. The site started with a few programs and a few how-to's. As the site grew more programs came out and more information was put on the site to help users. The site covers a wide range of information of information and tools. The forums are open to help users with any kind of problem they have with their computers.

PcWinTech isn't just about one thing. But the main thing it is about is helping others and doing the best we can.
"Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile" - Albert Einstein

When the site started it was just me (Shane) and as it grew it was becoming harder to keep up with. So in order to keep up with things and helping people I had to take on some fellow helpers :-)

About Shane
Owner & maintainer of the site and programs.
I have been in computers since 1995 and I am mainly a Microsoft Windows guy. Its what I learned with and still keep up with and program for. I do have respect for both Linux and Apple and hope to get both of them under my belt as well. I have programmed in Visual Basic 6 since about 2000. I am currently moving to VB .Net but that is a processes so some of my apps are written in VB 6 and newer ones are written in .Net.

There is a saying I go by, when someone asks me:
"Why fix what isn't broken?" I reply "To make it better".

If people never made different types of programs we would only have one antivirus, one office suite, one operating system, one of everything. The users would have no choice.
So the programs on this site are my versions & ideas of things to do and how to do them. From system monitoring to clearing used ram to automating forwarding ports and many more tools. Users now have an extra choice to choose from.


Hope you enjoy the site!

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