Simple Internet Tools - A Dozen Simple Helpful Tools

Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 2008, 8

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This program is free.

Simple internet tools is a dozen of simple yet helpful tools for both the common user and admin's.

The IP Calculator is a tool for admin's when they have to configure how they are going to setup their networks.
To base what subnet to use and such. Most normal users won't need this tool, admin's however will.

The IP converter is again a tool for admin's and their networks converting IP's to there long addresses and such.

Ip Scanner, self explanatory.

Netstats shows current connections on your system.

Ping, same as the one in windows but a little simpler to use with extra options.

Port listener is a tool to watch a port and see if someone try's to connect to it. Not a everyday tool but useful when needed from hacking attempts.

Scan what ports are open on a IP address.

This will resolve a name to its address and a address to its name. I use this the most when I see an IP trying to connect to my computer.

Ip config, nicer to use than the command prompt one built into windows.

Extra TCP stats you cant normally see easily.

Trace route is simply a alterative to the built in one in windows.

Look up domains and MX records. MX records are the mail servers the domain uses.

If you need any help or have questions drop me a line in the forums!

- Shane

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